Minute2Pitch. We took part in the next big competition for creative start-ups

Some say that “life is a pitch”. Well, taking into account the fact of how many times we have had to pitch in front of different audiences for the last 2 months, we could not agree more.

Pitching in front of VCs and business angels, mentors, corporate managers and other start-ups – this is a real and valuable lesson for our team. It helps us to shape our idea and become better and better in selling our vision to the different stakeholders.

However, there are some pitches that are super hard! And we decided to be a part of one of them – Minute2Pitch during our Mass Challenge Acceleration Program 2019 in Lousanne, Switzerland.

The idea of Minute2Pitch is very simple: you have one minute, no PowerPoint and you have to make people excited about your project. The audience consists of everyone: investors, students and start-ups.

How to sell your machine-learning-container-experiment-distributed idea? Well, it was not easy.

However, we at least tried. So we invited the T-800 on stage and showed how well-trained he is. T-800 was able to do the jump, burpy and nice turn around. We explained that he acts in such a good manner because his models had been trained on Deepstributed platform.

Did everyone get it? Yes! It was so easy to do the networking during the evening after party.

Lesson learned: always adjust your message to the audience.

Minute2Pitch gathers more then 70 start-ups all over the world.
You have only 60 seconds to spread your idea.
Having T-800 on the stage. Well, that is something!
Networking is the essence of every meeting.

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